Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I've missed the last two days of SOL, but seriously, my life has been crazy! It's not that I don't want to write, it's that my schedule this month is non-stop! Today's a snow day, though, and I have a little bit of time...

Yesterday morning I took off for my seven o'clock appointment. I have three of these every week. It takes  about 20 minutes to get there, ten minutes for the treatment, and then another 20 minutes to drive back home or to school. It's one of those annoying non-negotiables that must be squeezed into an already over-taxed schedule. Plus that, I was running late and in my sprint to the car I realized several necessary things I had forgotten to do. That meant rather than going straight to school, I'd have to swing back by the house and get those things wrapped up before going in to my classroom. Arggh!
Fortunately, traffic was calm so my drive in and back were uneventful and efficient. I had the radio on, too, to help my frame of mind and hopefully calm down before the day really kicked into gear. As I pulled back into my garage, the announcers on the radio station declared they were giving away two tickets to see "The Sing-Off" on tour. Being a singer myself, it's one of my favorite shows on television these days and I truly appreciate the work it takes to even make it on to the show. It's totally up my alley! They discussed how they would decide on a winner. Initially the directions were to sing a cappella to them. Cool, I thought! I can do that easily! Then they did the old switcheroo and proclaimed whoever called needed to "beat box." NOT my thing. I decided I'd still give it a try, but since I rarely win anything, the chances of me getting those tickets were pretty slim. It just so happened, though, that I was able to pull into the garage, put my car in park and ready my phone for when they announced the  number. I dialed. I heard the ring tone at the other end. It rang and rang.
Just as I was about to give up on anyone answering my call, I heard, "Hi! Who's this?" My heart skipped a beat or two. I began my own rendition of beat boxing. When I finished, the announcers compared my attempt to the sounds of laser tag! Hmm, don't think that's a good thing. I shot back that I would have been super happy if they'd stuck to their original task of singing a cappella, so they suggested I do that. Making something up off the top of my head, my song was to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain" from "Wizard of Oz." The lyrics were something like, "Oh, I'd love to see the Sing-Off, it would be a total pleasure, if I only had a ticket."
Both announcers laughed and one even recognized the tune. They proclaimed me the happy recipient of those two tickets! I truly can't imagine winning a better prize (other than maybe a trip to a tropical island.) Even better, my husband is a fan of the show, of music, theater, performances, and all that, so both of us will thoroughly enjoy our date together!
Think of us on Wednesday evening as we make our way over to the Royal Oak Music Theater and enjoy and evening of incredible music!! Thank you, Home.FM!

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