Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Return to the Blogosphere

I've been on a type of blogging hiatus. Thinking about why I've blogged, why (or why not) I would continue to write posts, what kind of an impact it has on me and the teaching community around the world, and all sorts of things tied loosely - or closely - to the topic. So I pulled back and took the pressure off myself for a while.

Wrestling with being truthful with myself about what drives me to post was a biggie. Is it to get my name out there? For others to be impressed? It has been a several-month inner conversation that maybe is finally wrapping itself up to a conclusion. There have been times I've started writing; I don't even want to think about how many drafts I have.

The blog-writing process took on an important purpose when I was teaching on a tiny island a few years ago. It kept me connected to my family back home and to friends who were interested in what real life is like somewhere else. Some people found it interesting just because it was different. For me, though, it was a way to reflect back on the day, remember the joys and challenges of it and, perhaps most importantly, to solidify some learning I'd had.

This school year has flown quickly to the end of the fourth week. I have been so busy there's been little time to reflect fully, adjust as effectively as I'd like, and go as deeply in my thinking as I'd want. In fact, though, it has revealed to me how important it is that I learn from this and make some commitments. I certainly don't want to find myself in the same place next year. With that reflection, these are a couple of important things I'm learning from this first month of school.

1. At the beginning of the school year from now on, I will not allow anything to complicate or impinge on the time needed to be available for my classroom and my daughter. The things that are most important to me have not been given the quality time they need to be at the place where I want them to be. My commitment is to say "no" or "let's reschedule for later in the year" to other things, even though they may be great. It's my goal to set my own students and my daughter up for success. That's done by making myself available as much as possible. My standards are my own, I know, and often there are friends who offer reassurance to me that I'm doing a "great job". However, because I know my own standards and know, too, all the things I haven't done, the desire to make next year a different story is gnawing at me. 

2. Blogging is very important for my own growth. Will I ever have thousands of people reading my blog? Highly improbable. But that's not why I do it, and if that ever becomes my motivation, someone please gather up my friends and plan an intervention! I do this for my own growth, and because maybe there are ideas that come out and help or encourage others. There are many people who have put in much time and effort writing their own blogs, and those folks have encouraged, taught, and made an impact on me. It's quite possible what I have to say will do the same for someone else. I hope!

So, in thinking about some of the learnings I've had this year, there are several things in my head that I'm looking forward to writing about. Want a short list of what's coming up? You're getting it, regardless, because it will help my memory!
  • The Move from Desks to Tables: Pros and Cons
  • The Importance and Usage of Up-To-Date Data
  • Would It Help To Have Lit Coaches in Every Grade of Elementary?
  • Ensuring Positive Relationships With Families and Why That's a Big Deal
Okay, so how's YOUR year going? What have you been thinking about? Will you change anything next year?  What are you learning? How are you adjusting?? Let's talk about it!