Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Special Assignment

I just got home and immediately put on my flannel pjs. The couch feels great, especially with the snuggly fleece throw over me and only my hands sticking out. The day was full, my tummy is full, and I'm feeling relaxed.
Today was spent shopping in one of my favorite malls at some of my favorite stores with the person I love shopping with most in the world. She's getting ready to go on a pretty amazing trip, so it was my duty to help make sure she had the appropriate clothing. She needed traveling clothes, clothes for warm weather, clothes for a day in the rain forest, clothes for sailing,  clothes for layering, and, of course, a purse! Shoes were pretty much the only thing not on our list. We were up for the challenge and by noon we had several full shopping bags on our shoulders. The sushi lunch gave us the energy we needed to complete this rigorous expedition. It was only when we were making our way to the car that we realized it was dinner time. 
It was sweet to be able to assist my pal and help her get ready for her trip. It was even better to simply spend the day together. 

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