Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Printer Cartridges

My ancient school-issued desk-jet printer ran out of ink – again. There were several things that needed high-quality and/or color printing for my kiddos, but I had no time to actually go get the cartridges. No, they’re not supplied (or paid for) by the school system.
Tonight, though, after piano lessons were done, and my hubby was still at his middle-school conferences, it seemed like the perfect time to run that annoying errand. I bribed Hannah into going with me, glad for an opportunity to spend time with her in the car, which is when she usually does the most talking. We hopped in the car to retrieve the expensive but necessary supplies.
For no apparent reason, after I found the needed cartridges, I took a little gander down the printer aisle. (I’ll admit, I was a bit curious about the price of a new printer.) Shock took over when I realized it would cost me approximately ten dollars more to buy a brand spankin’ new wireless printer (with cartridges installed) than it would be to replace the cartridges for my dilapidated one that had to be tethered to my laptop to work. Ten dollars, for cryin’ out loud!! And the one sitting on the shelf was wireless, could scan, and  even print documents from my phone (not that I even know why I would ever want to do that). It took me all of one minute to make my final decision. That pretty baby is now in the back of my car, waiting for installation tomorrow after our staff PD.
We followed up our short-but-sweet shopping spree with a low-key dinner at a local sandwich shop. My daughter chatted about random things. We laughed together. Then we made our way home, where she gloated about not having to go to school while I’ll be involved in a professional development all day. 
She may be relaxing all day tomorrow, but I’m happy as a clam to know I’ll be printing wirelessly with full ink cartridges.

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