Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lily's Crossing

What an incredible story this is, written by Patricia Reilly Giff. I hesitated to write about it, because it's really a book review, but since this is how I spent part of each day this past week, that would be okay, right? Plus, I LOVED the book, so it would be pretty difficult for me to not share it with you!
We get to know Lily in this Newbery Honor winning book initially as a spunky girl who is not afraid to disobey and sneak around, although her grandmother diligently attempts to keep her in line.  She's precocious, yet she loves spending her summers at her grandmother's house on the ocean. She is especially adept at anything having to do with water (swimming and boating, especially) and lying - about anything. Much of her life she has spent those summer days with Margaret, but because of World War II, Margaret's family must move to Detroit where her father will go to work for a company that builds equipment for the war. 
Patricia Reilly Giff tells this story beautifully, weaving in details about how families had to make adjustments due to the wartime situation in such a way that the reader is pulled in completely. I found myself empathizing easily with that generation and appreciating the sacrifices they  made in order to make a stand for world peace.
I loved the way Lily grew throughout the story, especially through the losses of old relationships and new ones that came to be, naturally unfolding much like they do in our own lives. Patricia created genuine people with real problems and answers that were not always black and white. And although the ending was satisfying, I found myself wishing for a sequel. I want to keep up with Lily.
If you have not yet read this wonderful story, please do so as soon as you can! You will be enriched by it

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