Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Star Trek - The Final Frontier

Today, my daughter was thrilled to not have to go to school (Only Juniors had school, for testing, of course). She was so overjoyed, in fact, that she even asked if there were any chores for her to do while Stan and I were at school! (I did give her some, so as not to disappoint her!)

On Sunday of this week she already had planned out what would occupy her day: watching "Star Trek" episodes from season four. She even begged for a bottle of Coke when we went grocery shopping this past weekend to save for the special occasion. It's hilarious, really, because our older daughter, Jessie, bought the set for my hubby for Christmas, yet Hannah has become the one who is obsessed with it!

After school I came home to discover that Hannah had done her due diligence on the chores. I then taught piano lessons, just like every Tuesday (and Thursday), which was followed by the typical conversation revolving around what to have for dinner. We were all in the mood for breakfast food, so Stan made the toast while I scrambled the eggs. 

Once everything was on the plates and ready to go, I noticed Hannah still sprawled out on the couch, remote in-hand, engrossed in an episode. Although dinner is almost always a family gathering at the kitchen island or the dining room table, with proper place settings, I asked to no one in particular if we would rather eat in the living room. Without missing a beat, Hannah gasped, "YES!" So Stan and I smiled at each other, took dinner to our delighted daughter, propped up our feet, and watched one of the most cheezy shows ever. 

It's amazing to me how sometimes the simplest things delight us. Hannah fully engaged in this fifty-year-old rerun was such fun. Stan and I sitting side-by-side, glancing at each other to roll our eyes at the particularly unbelievable scenes, made for a wonderfully relaxing and fun evening!

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