Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Ultimate Compare and Contrast

I gave my students an assignment in writing. They were to think about their home and compare and contrast it with some other place. I didn't offer too many suggestions for the "other place", as I wanted them to come up with their own ideas. This is what one of my students had to offer in her final copy. You'll notice spelling and punctuation errors, but I think they add to the charm:

               "At home I fell safe and warm. When in a port-a-potty wich will only happen ones in my life I feel really grouse. When I am at home I have my family with me. When I'm in a port-a-potty all I have is a dirty toliet with blue water insid it. They don't even have a sink all they have is smelly sanitizer. My house is the most clean, pretty, amazing place. A port-a-potty is really small (and) my house is really big. Me and my sister have the most amazing in the world. A port-a-potty looks grouse and dirty on the outside. When you go insid you are like a inch away from the wall! My house smalles like cinnommin. A port-a-potty smalls like garbage and molded food. I love my house and I don't like a port-a-potty because my house is wonderful and a port-a-potty is atrotious."

This is one I'll never forget. Maybe I'll have it framed.

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