Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Friday, February 8, 2013

What Is Friday?

It's Friday night. My hubby is in bed. My younger daughter, who has been sick with the flu, is finally on the mending side of it and is soundly snuggled in her bed until who knows when.

What am I doing? I'm (naturally) thinking about what I want to be reading so I can pass on another book recommendation to my kids on Monday. I finally gave up on reading The False Prince before Bailey. She kept BUGGING me and it was about fourth on my list! What could I do?

So what is Friday to me? Everyone I know on the planet exclaims how wonderful it is to have finally reached this day. To me, it's the beginning of trying to catch up. I have books to read for my kids; I have spelling papers and sentences and stories to read that my kids have worked on so diligently. I have  math assessments to pore over to see who needs help with what. Oh. And I'm playing piano as an accompanist for a friend tomorrow morning.  I'll leave the house by 7:30 a.m. on Sunday to be at another gig and play piano and accordian. Plus about ten other things in between, some including my family. You know, volleyball practice (if she's well enough) and encouraging my husband during his science fair marathon, and so on.

Friday is the day to quickly come up for air. Then I dive right back in. So in this moment I'm remembering how wonderfully wonderful it was to have my kids talk about the similarities and differences between Chloe and Maya in Each Kindness (THANK YOU Jacqueline Woodson). I was so absolutely taken by this irresistible story that I have already passed it to all of the second- and third-grade teachers in my building, with the  goal to have every student in our building have this book read to them by the end of next week. I was amazed and encouraged by the overwhelming effect this book had on students at each grade level.  I'm disappointed that a couple of boys in my class eschewed the idea of emotionally relating to these characters and remembering how their lack of compassion disturbed me. It ticked me off, actually, but that's not for the public to know, and I was very "teacher" in how I responded to their lack of compassion, when I really wanted to... well, we'll save that for another day.

Friday is the day I reflect but also move forward, realizing there is little and precious time between now and the next day when I will again be with my young ones who need to have that positive, encouraging, and intelligent (in their eyes, anyway) voice speaking into their young and pliable lives. Friday is when I know there is still much to be done. It is not a time for sitting on my heels; it is a time for preparation for what is to come.

Friday (this week) is the day I look forward to delving into A Long Walk to Water (Linda Sue Park) and Our Only May Amelia (Jennifer Holm). It is when I plan to continue with The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. (Kate Messner) and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (E.L. Konigsburg). There is also, of course, absolutely indescribable joy in planning for next week, thanks to dear Franki Sibberson (The Joy of Planning). I am trying so very hard to stay a step or two ahead of them! Really!!

Friday. Everyone says, "TGIF!" So why are my shoulder blades so painful right now?

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