Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Questions Abound

Coretta Scott King Award with
a wonderful message on eating disorders.

Cover art for PICKLE
New author, Kim Baker,
and middle grade book! Yay!
As a teacher I am constantly questioning what is the most important "thing" to teach and what is the most effective way to make it stick in the lives of kids.

I find that although more coursework is required of us as teachers, much of the money spent is wasteful. What  has become truly valuable to me in the classroom is what I learn from admirable individuals who can be found on the internet and in my personal network. People (usually teachers and/or writers) who blog and truly hold and inspire depth of insight. Or share ideas and book titles.

I can honestly say that other than two very influential professors I had in college, the folks who influence me the most in my teaching are my colleagues, my nephew, and the people with whom he has connected me. Some of those have come directly from him and some in a circuitous fashion.

Unusual Creatures: A Mostly Accurate Account of Earth's Strangest Animals: Hearst, Michael
This way cool book is non-fiction and
I KNOW my kids will love it!
Tonight I have learned about three new incredible books I will be adding to my classroom library. I have also had my position shifted on the value of teaching cursive in school (is it more important than learning new vocabulary words?) I gained more helpful knowledge on how to help my kids blog about the books they're reading today, too, and how to imbed a Prezi in my blog. Oh, and is it typical to have more than thirteen tabs open while being online? (I am NOT ADD.)

I have always felt that I am a highly effective educator. I love on my kids, give them the perverbial kick in the seat or words of encouragement when they need it, and stay on top of the curriculum. I've always insisted kids turn out their best work on time. However, if you would have seen my classroom a few years ago you wouldn't recognize it now, except for the fact that the colors are still research-based ones to enhance concentration and calm, both a very high value for me! I have made fewer copies of student worksheets this year than ever. Not because of yet another grad class, but because of the incredibly smart people I get to stalk on the internet.

I must grade papers, but I had to get that off my chest. Thanks.

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