Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making Headway

We're reading. A lot. The kids are overjoyed with the books they're choosing. I'm overjoyed with the books they're choosing.

They are making and we are watching the book talks on video. Some are making a Prezi of their book talk. I even made a Prezi on a book I read yesterday. All of the kids are blogging.

We were just given a grant we (I) applied to get. It's for economics and it's a big deal.

I have more books in my classroom than I have ever had. My students are reading because they want to (except for maybe two. And they have to read even if they don't want to).

I am thankful. So very thankful. So why do I constantly see what I'm NOT doing?? Why does my head constantly remind me of how I could be doing this better? My shoulders are tense. Sometimes I have a throbbing headache. Whatever I do, it's never going to be enough to please me. That one email from a parent can move my lens far enough to change the view completely.

So my job now is to focus on the good things that are happening to the kids in my classroom. They are reading...and comprehending...great books. Some not-so-great books, to tell the truth, but they're mostly good. They are reading authors they've never heard of before. They're meeting new characters and hopefully gaining empathy for others. That's the hope. The plan.

We got a new book in on Friday and I had the pleasure of reading it yesterday. It reminded me that we all have a less than perfect life. It is Linda Urban's wonderful story, A Crooked Kind of Perfect.  You should be able to click on the link and watch the Prezi book talk on this wonderful story of Zoe. It's my first attempt at Prezi and I think it turned out well. I do wish I could slap on "Forever In Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond, as it would be totally appropriate with this!

After you click on the link, just make the presentation full-screen and click on the arrow to take you through it! It's very fun!

So now I'm going to bed and hopefully dream of giving myself better self-talks!

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