Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Sunday, February 9, 2014

You Did What?

On Wednesday of this week I got up late and had a hard time getting ready for school. You know, one of those mornings when you're feeling a bit ADHD, doing things out of order, not finding "anything" to wear, and remembering things you should have done the night before.

I finally pulled into the school parking lot and guessed at where "my" spot was (under the frozen tundra), dragged my school bag into the building and hustled to my classroom, still untidy from the day before. At that point I reminded myself that today was an "early release" day, which means my kids get out an hour early so teachers can meet and collaborate. I was looking forward to the colllaboration time and working very hard at keeping my self-talk positive.

The day flew by, as Wednesdays typically do. About an hour before dismissal, one of my sweet girls walked over and asked, "Mrs. Gibbs, do you have your shirt on inside-out? Your seams are on the outside."

Without missing a beat, I confidently replied, "Oh, no, it's meant to look like this! Isn't it cool?"

As my student walked away, satisfied that she has the most hip teacher in the universe, I snuck a peek down. The pleats were on the inside, the buttons for the cuffs were on the inside, and the tag was definitely on the outside. Yeah, pretty smooth move on my part, right? My student was totally right and I had completely lied to her.

It was one of those moments I wanted to laugh out loud. Yep, there I was, all educated, stylish and together. Right! I can't tell you how many times since that moment on Wednesday I've relived our encounter and enjoyed another laugh (which, I might add, I need quite a bit these days, given our weather).

Now, normally, I would keep this kind of information to myself. After all, I think some people see me as being fairly put together and on top of things. I like to look my best and it boosts my outlook on life when I do. However, I was so humored by the downright silliness of the whole thing I had to share it or I would burst. I shared it with my kindergarten teacher friend when we went to reading buddies. Then I shared it with my principal and then my fellow fourth grade teacher and friend.

It was wonderful to laugh together at this unbelievably silly thing. It brightened my whole day. It helped me remember that life needs to have lightness and silliness, joy and transparency in our flaws. Life should not be all seriousness. We need to laugh - sometimes at ourselves.

Since we have, according to the groundhog, several weeks of cold winter weather ahead of us, I want to strive for looking for those moments every day that will keep me a bit more light-hearted. Maybe I'll make it a #nerdlution to find at least one thing in each day that makes me laugh - or at least chuckle - and pass it on. I'm thinking it will be a great strategy for making it through these next several weeks.

Have you found humor in your week? Are you able to laugh at yourself? Please share! You'll help us all have a brighter day!

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