Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Wow! It is SO fun to have friends come up with new words that have meaning and make me goals! "Nerdlution" is one of those words. Currently (as I'm typing) it's underlined in red, indicating that it isn't really a word. I'm convinced, though, that soon the underlining will disappear as is has with so many other great words ("iPad" and "blog" come instantly to mind).

This year I've wanted to be a better model for my kids in writing. I've vaguely done that. Haphazardly. I'm uncomfortable with that response. Nerdlution, however, is giving me that kick in the rear I need to get me back on track. Click here for Colby's post about it!

The super cool thing is that it's something I've been working through in my head for the past several weeks. And now, some of my Twitter (another word that doesn't show up in red underlining anymore!) friends have come up with an ingenious way to keep the writing going! Yay for them, good for me, and GREAT for my kids!

So this is my writing for today. And (by the way) I've been ADHD through the whole thing; read at least four other blogs and tweeted some, too. Now, to get those dang papers checked before I go to bed. Oh, and read some more...

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